Meet The Team

Scott Ryan – Stadium Manager

Scott started with us at Mill Park in 2009. He had previously been managing our venue at Coburg as the night time manager / supervisor and in trying circumstances was able to help turn around many aspects of the business and competition at that venue.

Prior to that he operated his own sports clothing – promotional business and worked previously also for some major sports retailers. He has an extensive background in dealing with people and issues especially in the sport of basketball. He is a life member of the highly respected Greenhills basketball club in the DVBA as well as a life member of the basketball referees branch at Diamond Valley.

He supports Collingwood in the AFL and even though he is a long time basketball devotee he says he would rather watch good college basketball in preference to NBA. However, his favorite players are Steve Nash and John Stockton, any player who also make others better are what the game is all about if you ask him.